Do you recommend your employer to others?

Referral recruitment is a great way to find new employees. But, do you know only 28 percent of employees will recommend their employer to friends and acquaintances? 36 percent doesn’t say anything at all, and the same 36 percent of people talk about their organization with a negative tone. This means there’s still a large window of opportunity for organizations to win talent over.

Do you recommend your employer to others?

These figures are taken from our international survey (Effectory’s Global Employee Engagement Index™). We asked 18.000 employees in 56 countries if they would recommend their employer to others. Below we’ll share both geographic and demographic results!

An introduction to eNPS

The Global Employee Engagement Index ™ reveals that committed and engaged employees are more likely to recommend their employer. The willingness to recommend is measured by the employee Net Promoter Score, also known as eNPS. This score shows organizations how employees really feel about their employer. Employees are asked one question: how likely are you to recommend your employer to others on a scale from zero to ten? Responses are categorized into three groups: negative (0-6), indifferent (7-8) and positive (9-10). Then, the eNPS score is created as follows: negative results — positive results = eNPS. The score varies between-100 to +100, and of course, the higher the core the better!

Geographical facts

What are the results? Let’s start with the good news. The US scores an impressive 8.3 eNPS. South America and Brazil are full of promotors, scoring a 36.6 and 10.9 eNPS. Africa has a little less reason to celebrate though (Egypt:-15.3, Kenia:-23.7, Nigeria:-15.6, South-Africa:-4.3). Other highly critical employees are found in Japan (-67.2), Malaysia (-11.4) and Hong Kong (-49.2). Luckily, the Chinese (8), Indians (32.3) and Indonesians (1.9) are a little more positive. In Europe big differences are seen between the countries. The only positive eNPS is found in Greece (6.7). France (-27.5), Finland (-23.7) and the Czech Republic (-20.6) are all extremely negative.

Demographic facts

Time for some interesting demographic facts! Our survey shows that people in leadership positions are often more positive. Maybe because they have access to more information about the organization? Or, because they have a greater say in things? IT-professionals and people that work for large organizations are also more positive. And although people working for a non-profit organization benefit from sharing the same ideals, this doesn’t make them more likely to recommend their employer to others.

Now what?

Are you eager to find out what employees are saying about your organization? Are you being recommended and are you bringing in new talents through valuable referral recruitment? Discover it for yourself with the eNPS. Feel free to contact us for more information!

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