Why consider Pulse Surveys?

Create involvement and ownership of teams on survey content and action points
Each team can supplement surveys based on the relevant themes and questions
Every team can choose the right time for the survey
  • What are Pulse Surveys?

    Is your organisation consistently developing and changing? And are you curious about how your employees think and feel about these changes? Give your teams more responsibility, by performing flexible Pulse Surveys from Effectory.

    Effectory's Pulse Surveys provides clear insights from the feedback and ideas from employees, and how to utilise that feedback in proactive steps. Pulse surveys are flexible employee surveys. Teams choose the content, timing and duration of the survey. Organisations and teams, have an opportunity to anticipate certain themes and topics much more efficiently and quickly.

  • How does it work?

    With Effectory's Pulse Surveys, you'll get a completely customised online environment for your organisation. This is where teams will be able to set up and perform their surveys. The online portal is simple to follow, and is quick to use. Every participant has access, whether from HR or as a team member, and can set up their own survey in just a few minutes.

  • Good to know about Pulse Surveys

    • Impact: Specific information provides targeted improvement.
    • Centralised look: A centralised basis for the questionnaire provides optimal organisational scanning, so that teams and branches can be compared.
    • Comparison: Each team or group can select from our validated benchmarks.
    • Minimal time investment: Teams can determine their Pulse surveys quickly, and easily.

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